To the everyday Ohio adult impacted by the stress of COVID-19, as well as the front-line worker of the global pandemic where self-sacrifice occurs everyday; self-preservation is more necessary than ever. 


Since the onset of the pandemic, feelings of worry, loss, and sadness, though common for this shared traumatic event, can be especially overwhelming for anyone who has experienced prior distress.

If you are trying to manage depression and anxiety due to trauma, stress, grief or loss, illness, disability, or chronic pain, I can help. As a Doctor of Behavioral Health and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor in the State of Ohio, I have expertise to provide HIPAA-compliant Telehealth counseling to adults who are suffering.

About Teresa Jacobson

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After many years as a patient advocate, I obtained a Masters Degree in clinical mental health counseling from Northern Kentucky University, a Doctorate from Arizona State University, and have spent the last eight years as a counselor and leader for a Cincinnati, Ohio community mental health agency. In April of 2020, I launched a private practice specializing in counseling Ohio adults of all age who are living with traumatic grief, emotional or physical pain, or illness.

A person-centered strengths-based, multicultural counselor with an existential philosophy, I utilize evidence-based techniques to facilitate the healing process. I have expertise in therapeutic modalities to help those with chronic illness, physical and emotional pain, and hold certifications in Anxiety, Traumatic Grief, and Telehealth counseling. You will find that I am an authentic, experienced counselor who has dedicated her life to helping others.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you on your journey towards hope and serenity.



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